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Playboy Bunnies Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson feud explained

Hugh Hefner may have died in 2017 but what happened inside the Playboy Mansion hasn’t been forgotten. At least not as far as Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson are concerned.

The feuding bunnies were Heffner’s chosen play bunnies who got to star alongside him and Bridget Marquardt in the reality TV show ‘The Girls Next Door’. Though they first met each other back in 2004, it’s safe to say almost 17 years later in 2021 the two still don’t like each other.

Not only that but now Hefner’s widowed wife, Crystal Hefner is adding fuel to the fire by picking a side. Perhaps someone should warn Crystal about picking sides, otherwise this could get messy.

In our series of celebrity feuds we will bring you a lowdown of what exactly happened and more importantly why are these perfectly smart individuals fighting. I mean let’s not forget Holly Madison is now 41 and Kendra Wilkinson is 35 years old. Whatever happened should be forgotten, surely?

Hugh Hefner enjoyed dating multiple women

Let’s start off with briefly introducing Hugh Hefner for those who have no idea who he is. I know, I know, you are probably thinking who doesn’t! He founded Playboy magazine in 1953 which was a magazine mainly targeted at men looking for a break from reality by watching attractive women in what some may say revealing clothes. There was no onlyfan and no internet so people needed something to look at.

However playboy wasn’t set up to be a distasteful magazine but glamourised the notion of expressing yourself. Hugh Heffner created a whole industry built around entertainment. He created the concept of being a playboy bunny which was initially supposed to be waitresses for the Playboy Club wearing bunny outfits. He created the playboy mansion which is where he lived but also where he threw lavish parties.

Heffner enjoyed having multiple girlfriends who often stayed with him, something which was commonly known. Everyone was intrigued by being a playboy bunny and wanted to be invited by Heffner to live with him.

Hugh Hefner invited Kendra to live in the Playboy mansion and star in his reality TV show in 2005 along with Holly

In 2002 he was dating Holly and Bridget Marquardt around the same time but Holly was his number 1 girlfriend. She dated him for 6 years and wanted to eventually marry him.

In 2004, Kendra Wilkinson met Hefner at his 78th birthday when she was hired to appear in body paint and Hef asked her to be one of his other girlfriends and move in with him. Uh oh..this is where this was all going to go wrong.

In 2005 the three bunnies, Holly, Kendra and Bridget started filming reality TV series, The Girls Next Door which aired for 6 season and ended in 2010.

Kendra claims the girls all wanted the spotlight

In 2010 Kendra talked about the competitiveness in the mansion in her memoirs, admitting that they all wanted the spotlight.

"We did our thing off camera, and there was an unspoken competition for camera time when the cameras were around. Each of us wanted the others to look good and be successful, but whether they will admit it or not, I think we each wanted the spotlight and to look the best in every episode."

Things came to an end between Hugh Hefner, Kendra and Holly

Kendra had actually gotten engaged to Hank Basset in 2008 and moved out of the mansion but continued to feature in the reality show. On 27th June 2009 she married him with Heffner blessing.

For Holly, things didn’t quite go as she wanted, she had said she was hoping to marry Hugh Hefner but in October 2008 her relationship with Hefner ended, though the reasons at the time were not confirmed, the final episode of the fifth season discusses her unhappiness at the mansion in not being able to get married or have a family with Hefner

In season 6 the focus then shifted to his new Playmates 19-year-old twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon, and 23-year-old Crystal Harris who Hefner actually went on to marry.

Kendra and Holly initially appeared to be amicable, but Kendra admitted that dating Hefner was awkward

Although by this point Kendra and Holly went their separate ways, so far nothing had indicated any kind of animosity between the two that was known publicly. When Holly competed on Dancing With the Stars in 2009, Kendra supported her.

But let’s face it being one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend and sleeping with him at the same time must create some kind of competitiveness. So when in 2012, Kendra told CNN that things had been “awkward” because they all dated Hefner at once and "it's not like it was a sorority house or like a sisterly bond...we were never even really friends to begin with, we all just kind of lived together and knew each other, so we're all in each other's lives."

Ok, fair enough. Most people don’t really want to be friend’s with their ex’s new girlfriends, never mind being friends with someone he is dating at the same time as you.

In 2015 Holly chose to tell her side of the story and being in the Playboy mansion and called Kendra "fake"

In 2015, Holly chose to reveal all in her book, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny and made some pretty shocking allegations against Hefner. Some may say it could have been fuelled by him not marrying her but Holly decided to come to his defence and again told E news that she was never friends with Holly. Holly had also called Kendra “the fakest person I’ve ever met”

In 2016, Holly said she didn't want to be friends with Kendra

Tensions were rising between Holly and Kendra though and in 2016 in an interview with People, while promoting her book the Vegas Diaries, Holly explained she had no interest in connecting with Kendra.

"I wish her the best, but I'm done with that portion of my life. I've moved on. I'm happier now. I don't think there would be anything positive about us meeting up. It's not a real friendship and it's not part of my life anymore." Holly said.

Kendra issued vulgar tweets about Holly in 2016 which she later deleted

Kendra found out about the interview and issued some vulgar tweets

"Now Holly is on cover of People mag sayin she lived in fear at the mansion," Kendra began tweeting.
"She wasn't in fear with that d* in her a** for a paycheck." Many other things were said which were then deleted.

Holly gracefully responded by telling E! News

"I've written a book, The Vegas Diaries, that's about letting go and moving on. About resolving the past so you can live a future. I've dealt with my demons and I've come out ahead. I can hold my head high and work hard to be the classy and kind person I aspire to be. I want no part of a one-sided argument or feud where one woman lives to demoralize and degrade another woman. "For those with unresolved issues, therapy works. You should try it."

An hour later Kendra responded and apologised for her tweets being over the top.

In 2021 the feud was re-ignited when Holly said Kendra wasn't honest about whether she slept with Hugh before joining the playboy mansion

The fued didn’t quite end there though, in April 2021 the fued was re-ignitied.

During an appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast where Holly was talking about her time with Hugh Hefner, Holly said Kendra hadn’t been honesty about the time they lived at the mansion.

In 2014, during her time on I’m a Celebrity, Ger Me Out of Here, Kendra claimed that she didn’t sleep with Hefner before moving into the mansion. Holly claims she had to sleep with him and it was an unspoken rule.

“I had to sleep with him first,” Madison told Alex Cooper. ”I’m not trying to s***-shame anybody or anything, but nobody ever got asked to move in unless they had slept with him.”

Kendra who is now a real-estate agent fired back and said;

“Dude… it’s 2021 😂. Times have changed. I forgive and have kids to love and focus on.”

Fans question why Kendra hates Holly

One fan asked Kendra why she’s always hating on Holly to which she replied;

“How am I hating. She’s [the] one out there. I’m all love now baby.”

Erm, not sure about that.

Crystal Hefner is siding with Kendra

However it seems Crystal Hefner has picked Kendra’s side in this fight. In a post on social media app MeWe, the widow of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner sided with Kendra in her feud with Holly regarding her experience on “Girls Next Door”.

“I was at the mansion for a DECADE almost four years ago now and these ladies and their drama were there years before that. I side with Kendra here,” Hefner said, according to toofab.

“Not sure why these women who shared an incredibly uncommon and rare experience (that will never be repeated in our lifetimes) can’t get along?” she continued.

“Maybe for the same reasons Holly and Bridget despise me for absolutely NO reason. I hope one day we can all get along and compare experiences.”

Concluding thoughts

Wow, this fued seems to really be about an old relationship with a man who was clearly not that serious about any one of them to begin with.

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