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Piers Morgan is once again in the firing line and this one involves model Emily Ratajkowski who recently gave birth to son Sylvester. In a photo published recently Emily shared a picture holding her son in her arms while promoting her bikini line.

Sharing the post on his own Twitter, Piers a dad of four wrote;

"That's not how you hold a baby @emrata - and your millions of followers shouldn't be encouraged to do the same."
"Happy to give you some tips if you need them."

We have to admit when we first saw the pictures we were equally shocked and felt that was dangerous and not very loving. However Twitter users seem to be enraged by Piers’ comments.

Once wrote: “What a world we live in. Moving onto parent shaming now? Why do we have such an obsession on ‘how bad’ other people are doing with their lives. Here’s a novel idea… How about we focus on our own?”

Nicola Keaney, deputy head of trends on Twitter, commented:

“Imagine mansplaining to a new mother how she should hold the child that came out of her. He’s tagged her to get a reaction to amplify his ailing profile. Not long now till he’s doing 118 adverts…”

In response, Morgan said:

“If she chooses to use her baby as a prop to promote [herself] to 27 million people on Instagram, and she’s holding that baby in a dangerous way, it’s actually the duty of any caring human being to tell her so the baby comes to no harm.”

Other comments included;

"Piers it just comes across weird as f*** when you go after young women."
"Since when were you asked to give this woman advice you might not agree with what she's doing but she's the parent not you and its very weird that you took and posted her picture calling her out."
"Who are you to tell a mother how to hold her own baby?"

Some did agree with Piers, one suggested Ratajkowski “gets advice from a qualified midwife on holding any baby”, adding:

“She will find that even in this day and age supporting the baby’s head is essential to the health and safety of any young baby.”

Ok, we have to admit we are with Piers with this one, the model seems so focussed on herself and promoting her swimwear line that she has used her child as a prob than anything else, if that was her intention she may have been better off using something else. If that was a cat drapped across her in that way, many more would have retaliated but that is just one opinion. Tell us what you think?

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