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People Are Just Finding Out That Elizabeth Olsen Is Related To Mary-Kate And Ashley

The most recent news trending the internet is one that has left many speechless. Apparently people are only just finding out that Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen have a younger sister and that sister is in fact Elizabeth Olsen. Given the three look pretty alike and share the same surname may have been a clue but one that many missed.

For those that like WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen’s performance as Wanda is pretty impressive and given this Elizabeth’s name has been appearing a lot and so many have finally figured out that the three are related.

One Twitter user wrote;

Some thought that she was one of the twins

Ok, fair enough, they do look alike so It can be a little confusing.

Another echoed the same, stating;

However many still remain confused.

Although not everyone was surprised, one user wrote;


So there you go folks, for those that hadn’t made the family connection until now, we hope there has been some clarification. When sister’s look too alike, it can be confusing and can happen to anyone.

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