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Paris Hilton reveals details of her wedding

Paris Hilton is getting married to Carter Reum but what exactly will her wedding be like is a question many brides are wondering. Well, we can tell you a bit more. Speaking on Tuesday’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ the 40 year old heiress opened up about the wedding.

She did say she is feeling a bit stressed but is insisting that she is ‘not a bridezilla’. Honestly from experience we know that even the most calm brides to be can become bridezilla. Myself included.

So what has she managed to tick off her list so far. Well a DJ for one. Even though she herself is a DJ she wont be working.

I’ll definitely get a DJ because it’s too much,” she said. “We’ll have a band as well. It’s going to be a three-day affair, so we’ll have a lot happening.

A three day event also means more than one wedding dress. So how many exactly?

“Lots of dresses, probably 10. I love outfit changes,” she shared.

And the groom to be? Should he have an outfit change?

“He’s not as high maintenance as I am,” she joked when Jimmy Fallon asked the question.

In June, speaking to ET about her wedding she said;

“You know, I’m not your traditional bride,” adding the ceremony will be “something magical and fun.”

I am sure we will know more in time but if you are planning a wedding and want some inspiration then Paris is thinking a 3 day event with 10 outfit changes, a DJ and a Band.

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