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No One Is Buying Jennifer Lopez's #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge

Jennifer Lopez’s attempt to connect with fans has gone down like a lead balloon. While celebrating the 20th anniversary of her album J.Lo which included the track called “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” she attempted to create a memorable moment from the track’s video on Twitter. In it, she can be seen tossing her expensive jewellery, sunglasses and clothes onto a beach, before swiping away the camera. She goes on to challenge her fans to do the same, writing

“The #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge STARTS NOW!!!!,”. “Can’t wait to see your renditions.”

Unfortunately fans were not having it, with many pointing out privilege inherent in throwing a bracelet into the sand, while others just didn’t feel like it.

Here is a rundown of comments from fans:

“Girl it’s too cold for that”
“Jlo we supposed to throw our valuables on the beach? Is the challenge to find it after we throw it bc we can’t afford to replace it?!? What is the instructions?!?!?????”
“No one is doing this Jennifer”
“Please stop, just be rich in private and leave us regular people ALONE.”
“Maam this is tone deaf,” wrote one person. “Can’t nobody afford to be throwing their stuff on the beach.”

Some felt the need to remind Jennifer Lopez of a more important issue of the pandemic although used replacement words like phantasia, panini.

“I’m only allowed to leave my house for an hour of exercise and you want me to throw away my possessions on a beach? In a pancetta??”
“You want us all to rush to the beach in a pan de queso to have our friends film us throwing away good jewelry? I’m so confused”
“We are in a panini, still haven’t gotten our second stimmy & you want us to go out & throw our sh*t away in the sand?!?”
“now ashanti i know you not asking us to go to a beach in the middle of a phantasia to litter”

One user pointed out that no one had done this challenge writing;

“20 hours later and no one has done this challenge” adding crying emojis.

Seems like J Lo’s popularity is going down, she has of late faced backlash for claiming to never had plastic surgery or botox, now her comments are considered tone deaf. Has she lost tough with the real world around her or was this just her trying to encourage some fun which just went badly wrong. Tell us what you think..

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