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More Celebs Are Reacting To #Bennifer Reunion While Alex Rodriguez Is Still Expecting Reconciliation

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's reunion has left everyone pleasantly surprised and with Bennifer reportedly back together, fans cannot contain their excitement. It all started after the duo were spotted on a vacation together in Montana.

While Lopez recently split from fiance Alex Rodriguez, Affleck has been reported to have been single since his breakup with Ana de Armas. Not only fans but it seems Hollywood celebrities too are excited about the Bennifer reunion.

After Ben's close friend Matt Damon positively responded to the news saying, "I hope it's true", yet another celeb has now reacted to Ben and JLo's reunion. Actress Jennifer Lawrence while appearing on the podcast The Bitch Bible podcast, hilariously broke the news of Affleck and Lopez's vacation.

As heard in a clip of the podcast that has now been going viral, Lawrence can be seen hilariously shouting with excitement, "Breaking f***g news. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together. They’re on vacation! They are on vacation with each other right now", via E!

The Silver Linings Playbook star then hummed in a tune, "Click the link in bio", suggesting that she had read the news online via Instagram. She was also seen further reacting to the news saying, "I’m so excited!"

The Bennifer reunion has been the talk of the town. The duo first dated each other in 2003 when they met on the sets of Gigli. Lopez and Affleck were also engaged for a brief amount of time but eventually called it quits and officially split in 2004.

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