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More celebrities get a mullet haircut, should you get one too?

Though Zac Efron is not a stranger to some experimenting with his looks, it seems that he has jumped on the 2020 mullet bandwagon and is supporting this look.

Attaboy, a barbershop in Australia revealed his latest look on their Instagram page posting;

"Zac Efron dropped into Attaboy Kent Town for a tidy up today, so we gave him a mullet."

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are just some of the other celebrities who have opted for this look. Whether you are male or female here is all you need to know about getting a mullet.

What is a mullet?

First question, what exactly is a mullet? Mullets are usually shorter at the front and sides with lots of layers and texture on top but long at the back. How extreme you want to go with the look is up to you, not all women are comfortable with super short hair at the front like Rihanna’s mullet and may opt for something a bit more subtle like Miley Cyrus.

If you are a man then the opposite is true, as a man you may not want to go too long at the back and may keep it a bit more subtle.

1. It takes some getting used to

It is a bit of a drastic change and requires some getting used to, so expect a noticeable difference. In fact as a woman you will know that a man rarely notices when you have a haircut. My friend’s boyfriend rarely noticed her look, yet when she got herself a mullet he definitely did. It is quite different so be prepared to take some time to get used to it.

2. Perfect for the working from home

If you want to try something a little different then working from home is the perfect time to do it. It is often described as “business at front and party at back”. No one will see the back so you can always keep the camera at an angle.

3. It requires minimal effort and styling

If too much hair is a total nightmare then this hair cut is perfect for minimal effort look, the fact that the hair is shorter at front will save you from having to style it too. However if you have fine hair then this look may not be for you as it will thin them out even further, know what you are getting yourself in for.

4. Beware of the critics

This look isn’t to everyone’s taste even if it is become more trendy. In fact, this hairstyle was quite bit amongst the rock stars in the 70s and 80s bit then became taboo in the 90s when people began to see mullets as representations of being dirty and having a low income according to Dazed. This may well explain why maybe your parents aren’t so keen on the look so be aware of critics but you have to do what makes you happy, people may laugh at first and then who knows they may follow suit.

5. No harm in giving it a go, at least going shorter will mean your hair grows healthier

It’s always nice to cut out the dead parts of our hair so that when they grow they are healthy. Why not give it a go, at least with lockdown we can minimise how many people see us so a trial look is always ok. Maybe you will find it suits you and will make it permanent and carry it off for years to come.

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