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Miley Cyrus says ex Liam Hemsworth was bad in bed and she faked it in her new songs

The on and off relationship Miley Cyrus had with Liam Hemsworth over 10 years should speak volumes, despite their issues they continued to be drawn to each other. Now the thing is unless your ex is some crazy psycho out to get you and seriously heartbroken, when a relationship ends there is a mutual understanding not to reveal all, especially what happened in the bedroom.

However, Miley Cyrus has chosen to ignore all that and plans on revealing to the world exactly what happened in the bedroom with Liam Hemsworh. Reports claim it isn’t as exciting as the imagination suggests and is more about Liam being bad and Miley faking it.

The Sun says that song Win Some, Lose Some includes the lyrics:

"Last night was the nail in the coffin, Lord knows we were already dead.
"Look back and the memory’s haunted, can’t believe we did it again, yeah. Can’t count all the times that I faked it, thank God for the thoughts in my head."

It's said that the chorus adds:

"You know me the best, but you hurt me the worst, my darling. I can’t pretend any more."

It seems like she is going all out in her album. Track WTF Do I Know is said to include the lyrics:

“Maybe getting married just to cause a distraction.” “You wanted an apology? Not from me. / I had to leave you in your own misery. / So tell me, baby, am I wrong that I moved on? / And I don’t even miss you.” “Thought that it’d be you until I die, but I let go.”

Ouch! Sounds like Miley Cyrus is seriously heartbroken and it was clearly not an amicable parting despite Miley Cyrus going on to date her old friend Kaitlynn Carter before moving on with Australian singer Cody Simpson which has also come to an end. She is currently single but her new song Midnight Sky has been doing well.

The track list hasn’t been finalised so they may not make the cut.

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