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Meghan Markle Will Not Be Joining Prince Harry In London For Unveiling Of Princess Diana’s Statue

Seems like Meghan Markle may not be truly over what has happened to her. The Duchess of Sussex used her pregnancy as a reason not to attend Prince Philips funeral in the UK following his death on 9 April. Now she has decided that she will not be flying to the UK with her husband Prince Harry for the unveiling of the new Princess Diana statue next month to mark what would have Diana’s 60th birthday. Meghan’s decision is perhaps understandable.

According to a source speaking to ET Canada, Meghan would have loved to have been at the July 1 event but the timing didn’t work out in light of recently giving birth to baby daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor who was born on June 4th.

However her lack of attendance may not be as personal as some may think, afterall she did name her daughter after the Queen whose nickname is Lilibet and Diana was Prince Harry’s mother.

Despite Meghan’s Oprah interview which cause a lot of controversy and the comments from Piers Morgan about her so called lies, Meghan Markle has somewhere managed to earn the respect of young people being voted as one of the ‘most respected’ royals by the public this week.

The poll by youth health charity stem4 saw 1032 people between the ages of 13 and 25 vote for the high profile names they respect the most. Meghan was among those to receive the honour, but it was the Queen that unsurprisingly took the top spot as the ‘most respected’ royal family member with 26% of the votes. Meghan had 21% so it was a close second. William and Kate were much lower at 11% each.

We have to say this really is very interesting, perhaps Meghan really was the true queen in the making despite Kate Middleton eyeing up the spot. However given rules of royalty Prince William, Kate’s husband is in line for the throne and may well rule if his father Charles Abdicates or if he passes away. Meghan had almost no chance.

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