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Shocking comments from a UK Politician: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Netflix deal

It seems like Harry and Meghan will get no peace while Kate and William get away with doing what they like. Reminds us a bit like the good sibling and the bad one. Even when the bad one does something good they still get into trouble.

The latest is Prince Harry and Meghan are being criticised for their Netflix deal even though both Kate Middleton and Prince William have made appearances in the past. The price they have to pay is that they have to give up their title according to several people including a politician in the UK Susan Hall who wrote;

A bit harsh to call her an embarrassment and let’s not forget Meghan was an actress for many years before getting married. Maybe if the content of the Netflix deal wasn’t ideal or encouraged wrong behaviour then we would understand the issue. However so far as far as we know the deal is to produce documentaries, docu-series, television shows and children’s programming under their new production company, which is yet to be named. It is also not yet known if the duke and duchess have plans to be on screen.

Also if they are to get no funding, then how exactly is the proposal for them to generate their income, surely they will do so from what they know.

Let’s not forget Prince William and Kate Middleton have also appeared in several documentaries including the most recent one being “Football, Prince William and Our Mental health which aired on BBC in May. In the documentary, William talked about becoming a father, emotions around the death of his month. Last year they did one called A Berry Royal Christmans where Kate opened up about how the royal family celebrates Christmas and that gifts are exchanged on Christmas eve instead of Christmas day.

In comparison, Meghan and Harry’s documentaries wont be as personal. They told the New York Times.

"Our focus will be on creating content that informs but also gives hope," the duke and duchess told the New York Times.

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