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Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Go On a Double Date with Avril Lavigne & Mod Sun

Given how loved up Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are, the question is would a double date seem weird? Maybe but the hot couple went on one with another loved up couple Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun.

They were spotted heading out for dinner at BOA Steakhouse on Friday night on 5 March in West Hollywood. MGK and Mod Sun are thought to be best friends.

Earlier this year, in an article posted on 6 Feb 2021 a source revealed to Elle that Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun’s relationship started off the back of working together.

"Working together has brought them closer and Avril has a history of falling for people that she works with. She falls in love with them for their musical creativity and expression."

The two have collaborated on the song “Flames”, a part of Mod Sun’s album whose real name is Derek Ryan Smith

This romance is also not one to be taken lightly, according to Vanity fair, Mod Sun has even tattoed Avril’s name on his neck.

Of course, MGK’s relationship with Megan Fox is definitely filled with romance if you count that he carries her blood around his neck which he revealed on Valentine’s day. A source spoke out about Megan and MGK’s relationship

MGK always puts Megan first, treats her like a queen and is super respectful, thoughtful and funny, which are all qualities that she loves,” the source told Entertainment Tonight.
MGK is head over heels for Megan and didn’t think he’d get so lucky to score someone of her caliber.”

So much love between them all. We hope the happy couples stay happy together regardless of how you may view their romantic gestures. Blood around your neck may just taking it on a completely different level, good or bad we will let you decide.

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