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Meet your partner for the first time post lockdown

Lockdown is finally over but as we resume to normal life there is one question that is hanging over those that did not isolate together with their partner. What do you do when you see him or her again? It’s like that moment when you take a long vacation, come back to see your partner at the airport and are not sure whether you should hug, kiss or give them your luggage!

Well lockdown is the same expect maybe a bit worse, instead of coming back from your vacation with interesting stories to tell, you are coming back with not much to update your partner on except tell them how you spent your time cooking and eating, both of which probably haven’t helped with your weight either unless you are blessed enough to be thin irrespective of how much you eat or how little you exercise.

In this article we cover what you should expect when you meet your partner for the first time after lockdown and how to deal with it.

1. Wear your best outfit

Impressions count and you may have chatted on video during lockdown using Zoom, WhatsApp or whatever takes your fancy and may have been daring enough to do it without makeup or with fully grown beard if you are a man, but seeing someone in real life is completely different.

The camera, lighting, angle and many other modern day features mean most people can sometimes look slightly better on video calls. In real life it’s much harder to only show your best angles.

We only have to point to Kim Kardashian who created a leggy optical illusion, looking tall in a pair or her high-cut SKIMS underwear, using angles. Her photographer positioned the camera at a very low making her almost as tall as her sister Kendall Jenner rather than her reported 5 foot 3 height.

If there is anything to be learnt from the Kardashians, then that is angles are everything! Even if it’s unlikely that you spent your video chats holding the camera much lower, it is likely you may have chosen to show your best features.

So even though you may have become comfortable with lounge wear, it’s worth putting in some effort to look good when you see your partner again.

2. Go on a proper date

It might be tempting to only meet indoors, avoid unnecessary public places but it’s important not to get into a habit of just meeting indoors in front of the TV, so plan an activity together, go for a walk or a picnic.

Going to a restaurant is also fine. If you are based in the UK, then as Rishi Sunak said reviving the hospitality industry is important and he is actively encouraging going to restaurants, providing you adhere to social distancing rules. You can always come back and watch Netflix, but remember when you meet inside only one of you has an outing, the other one hasn’t left the house.

Cinemas and other places are also fine but with the weather improving why not try an outdoor cinema.

3. Try to talk about something other than COVID

Chances are most people are bored of talking about COVID and while speculation of second wave and potential virus mutations are ongoing, you don’t want to spend all your date talking about COVID.

Focus instead on what you did during lockdown, you may have started a new blog, a YouTube channel, taken interesting routes while taking a walk. You can even talk about places you want to visit in the future. Treat it as you would any date and spend it talking about the things you normally would, had it not been for lockdown.

4. Don’t let talking on video change how you interact

If you believe the 21 90 rule then it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change. For most people, lockdown would have lasted 3-4 months which is enough time to create a habit and even a lifestyle change!

The fact that all you have done is spoken to people through video and from the comfort of your own home may mean meeting and socialising and interacting feels strange but don’t let it change you. Show your confidence, be fearless. Be the person you were before lockdown.

5. However, most importantly of all, go at a pace you are comfortable with but don’t rush into anything

Take the relationship at the pace you want but just because you didn’t see each other for a while doesn’t mean that when you do, you have to move in together straight away. Get to know each other properly before long term commitments. That should hold true regardless of COVID.

However, the reality is the fact that you kept in touch during lockdown and wanted to see each other again means that it must be a special relationship so don’t be too hesitant, finding love is hard. When you do find it, hold onto it.

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