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Max Ehrich Tells Paparazzi That Demi Lovato's Fans Are Bullying Him, Our Opinion On The Poor Thing

If you think Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich breakup is over, wrong. It looks like their breakup will last longer than the relationship (Not being mean).

The whole drama after the breakup has been going for so long that Demi Lovato has released a single in between and the guy who was supposedly notified about his breakup through tabloid is crying over social media calling, Demi's move a PR stunt.

And the recent claim he has made "on a tabloid" TMZ is that he is being bullied by Demi Lovato's fans. No Offense but it seems Demi was looking for man.

To be fair and square, sometimes fans do speak things, that the celeb would never say. It is right or wrong, we are totally not getting into that business, but why would anyone react to that?

Max is little upset over the accusation of him taking advantage of Lovato and talking to TMZ he called the claim "ridiculous", he also added that both He and Demi are anti-bullying people, and so people should stop bullying people.

Clearly he is not ready to move on, why would Max speak on Demi's behalf in his interview when they have separated their ways.

What people think it's about is nothing to do with anything that's actually happening, so people just shouldn't read anything, or read what they're reading."

He has also requested fans to respect him and Demi as human beings but couple of days ago he accused Demi Lovato of using their relationship and breakup as PR stunt, it is him or they both opened the can of worms.

Clearly I get where Max is coming from, I felt the same way after the breakup with my first girlfriend. It was not on tabloid, it was not even discussed as I was just 17. I did everything to get the relation back on track but I made wrong decisions and wrong choice of words. But that moment has changed my life and I have learnt to let things go, if I cannot handle it.

My only suggestion to Max would be to stop communication for a while, focus on your work and if it has to work, it will work. Don't force it, don't teach people online how to behave and don't make fool out of yourself.

Disclaimer: While I started reporting, it was just supposed to be an article, it was not an attempt to give my opinion but I seriously feel Max you need help and someone had to tell you. PS: I am not a Demi Lovato fan.

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