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Madison LeCroy Is Ready To Take Credits For Bennifer 2.0 After Affleck's PDA-Packed Dinner With JLo

Bennifer has become a thing after being separated for 17 years, thanks to those pictures showing their PDA packed dinner.

But it all started after jenny from the block had trouble in her paradise with the MLB star Alex Rodriguez, now those celebrating Bennifer 2.0 must give a round of applause to Madison LeCroy and even if you won’t, she is saying welcome.

Alex Rodriguez and Madison LeCroy facetiming is considered to be the catalyst or at least one of it, that resulted in Jennifer Lopez calling off her engagement with the baseball star.

Though once blamed as a home wrecker The “Southern Charm” star is now jokingly taking credit for getting Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck back together.

“I say you’re welcome,” the 30-year-old reality star recently told Us Weekly of Ben and Jen.

According to LeCroy, it was never a full-fledged relationship with A-Rod and they never got physical.

Talking to US Weekly, LeCroy said, “I mean, I will be honest with you. I had nothing to do with why they split, and I think everybody knows that,” “And if you don’t know that, then that’s just ridiculous, like, let’s be honest.”

Alex Rodriguez never came out publicly to speak about the scandal but his reps have denied all such claims saying, “I’m not sure who’s looking to benefit from these types of rumors and false stories. They are factually incorrect. Alex is busy concentrating on his businesses and his family.”

Now Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been getting very serious and their rekindled romance seems even more intense than what it was assumed back in 2002-2004, the catalyst Madison LeCroy also went official on Instagram with her boyfriend recently.

There is no update on Alex Rodriguez’s love life but last week he was seen with his ex-wife and may be Madison LeCroy would demand thanking her if they reunite.

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