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Madam Vice President? Anyways Happy Birthday Kamala Harris

Undoubtedly Kamala Harris has come a long way in her political career and no we are not going to trigger her ethnicity, gender or where her forefathers belonged, that will demean her individual achievements.

Today Kamala Harris has turned 56 and just in a couple of weeks her fate will be tested in an electoral battle with running Vice President Mike Pence.

We wish her a joyful next year as she has asked for the birthday wishes herself.

But we were surprised not only by the supporters but also Hillary Clinton as they started an early celebration for Kamala Harris and it is disappointing that Hillary did not learn from her past.

The result of 2016 could have been a normal election outcome and Hillary Clinton could have easily overcome the loss, but the early celebration followed by her defeat has been an embarrassment and a butt of a joke for many days.

You don't wish that on someone's birthday, but Hillary Clinton just did it.

Well, unless Hillary Clinton is doing this purposely. We would have preferred to keep her birthday celebration as a birthday celebration, trending #MadamVicePresident is doing no help, and if the result is not in her favor, you won't go deleting the posts.

But this is how social media works and a lot of people just go with the flow, here are some of the wishes for the Birthday Girl on Twitter with a bonus celebration for "Madam Vice President"

The user above is in the same time zone as we are, but he knows the future and the one below is living in the future it seems.

Well, there are hundreds of thousands of convinced supporters, but we insist it is better to celebrate the event after it is a reality, What do you think "Madam" Kamala Harris?

Happy Birthday, enjoy your day and don't get carried away by Hillary Clinton celebrating the future today.

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