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Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Got A Ticket For Breaking Traffic Rules, And Then Followed The PDA

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are living life on the edge and the mantra for the fearless couple is “there is no bad time for PDA”

According to TMZ, The lovebirds went zero to 60 shortly after getting pulled over by police Tuesday in Los Angeles ... they were spotted locking lips for a full make-out session on the sidewalk.

MGK and Megan got pulled over in Sherman Oaks because she was the only one wearing a helmet. And as TMZ reported, MGK also got dinged for not having the proper endorsement on his driver's license to operate a motorcycle.

Though the couple got a ticket slapped, they turned the halt as a refreshment time, after the steamy smooch, MGK lit a cigarette and then they went for a sushi dinner at Matsuhisa in Bev Hills.

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