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Liz Hurley calls ‘friend’ (or bored journalist) "ridiculous" and denies reality tv show rumours

For those hoping to find out more about how English actress, supermodel and businesswoman, Liz Hurley lives on a day to day basis will be disappointed to learn that she will not be starring in a reality TV show alongside her 18 year old son, despite rumours that she will.

The Daily Mail and The Sun both reported via a source that she will be making a series focussed on being “at home in the country”.

The source reportedly claims;

“Although Liz is very glam, she’s also determined to show people how hardy she is. She’s great at DIY and she loves gardening.”

Taking to Instagram, the supermodel addressed the rumours in a bare all photo, without clothes on top of a haystack on 28 March. The caption of her photo reads;

“Abzuuuurd stories in our illustrious press today. Hear it from the horse’s mouth, my son @damianhurley1 and I are most definitely NOT planning to shoot a ‘Waltons- style reality TV show’ at home.”
“I mean!! Whoever the ‘friend’ (or bored journalist) is, who’s leaking these fictional tidbits, you are ridiculous,” she added.

Though she may not be staring in her own reality tv show, Liz Hurley did compare her life during COVID lockdown to The Waltons, the 1971-1981 CBS series about a family living in rural Virginia.

The 55 year old spent her lockdown with her 18 year old son Damian, mother Angela and older sister Kate during COVID lockdown at her 13-bedroom estate which is thought to cost around $8.27m. She bought the place from ex Shane Warne and it now serves as her main residence.

Speaking on an episode of Lorraine in October 2020, Hurley gave a glimpse of her lockdown life saying;

"There was manual labor, not allowed TV until 6 p.m. We were all outside - we had beautiful weather in the UK - sweeping up, clipping, attacking things with a chainsaw, making the outside beautiful, growing [vegetables]. We all got healthier. We ate quite a lot but there was the manual labor!"

As for her time with her son who is also a model, she said;

"He was great during lockdown. I'm really proud of him during lockdown, and yes he did help quite a bit."

Hurley said. Damian is Hurley's son with businessman Steve Bing.

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