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Lisa Rinna makes her first public comment about daughter Amelia Hamlin's boyfriend, Scott Disick

19 year old Amelia Hamlin and 37 year old boyfriend Scott Disick have been dating for over five months now and were first spotted together on Halloween 2020.

When the two got together the relationship was considered somewhat controversial, not least because of the age difference but also because he had broken up with his previous girlfriend 22 year old Sophia not long before dating Amelia. Things became a little bit more complicated recently when it revealed on an episode of KUWTK that he had actually broken up with Sophia because he claims she was jealous of his relationship with Kourtney.

So far Amelia’s mother, actress Lisa Rinna hasn’t publicly commented on the relationship publicly. However, on Tuesday the 19 year old model headed out to the docks with Scott Disick wearing a tropical bathing suit and boarded a private yatch. Scott wore a black hoodie, shorts and bucket hat with a drink in his hand and this is what sparked Lisa Rinna to comment.

Lisa posted a photo to her Instagram Story that was of Scott and Amelia walking along the beach together.

Just after that she posted another photo of her own beach photo and Scott side by side, showing off their love of bucket hats.

“Welp we both seem to share a love of bucket hats,” Lisa captioned the side by side.

Just days earlier, Lisa posted a similar image to her feed.

“I love a bucket hat,” she captioned it and it is true if you look on her Instagram account there are plenty of them.

So there you have it folks, if you want to impress your girlfriends mother, just wear something she likes to wear.

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