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Lip readers reveal what William and Harry talked about at Prince Philip's funeral

So William and Harry being separated by their cousin was at the end not really needed, may be the buckingham palace and queen dont take them seriously and still think they are lads in their teens who could have created a scene in the event for mourning over their grandfather's loss.

But their calm and composed behavior has changed everything and the world is little less divided.

We have recently uploaded a video on the body language of the trio William, Kate and Harry while walking together after the services but there are professionals who have zoomed in and tried to lip read what exactly William and Harry were chatting about.

Though we dont want to over do referencing back to Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, but this is the first time the royal brothers came face to face and exchanged words.

According to British publication The Express, as William took off his mask he told Harry:

“Yes, it was great, wasn’t it?” to which Harry replied: “It was as he wanted”.

The brothers also spoke to the Archbishop of Canterbury before William turned to his brother again.

“Absolutely beautiful service, ah the music,” he apparently said.

It appeared their conversation was relaxed, with William mask-less as they walked and talked outside while Harry kept his mask on.

Since the wedding of Harry and Meghan, things were not straight forward for the brothers and the difficulties in their relationship grew over time,but in the recent public appearance together it seemed they have conditioned themselves to the situation and kept it gentle.

Now this is considered inline with the occasion by experts, The way the duo were leaning in together appeared almost “confidential”, like the brothers were sharing a secret.

Michael Kelly, a body language and speech expert, told a news agency that all the tension slid away as the brothers’ conversed.

“It seemed like there’s no rancour at all. (The brothers) could have been walking down the country lane,” he said.

Kelly also said Harry appeared to be getting along well with his sister-in-law, Kate.

“It seemed like he was (like this with) Kate as well - no rancour, no animosity. They seemed in general just sombre”.

Hmm so according to the body language experts and the lip readers, things are getting better between Harry and the Royal family, which leaves us wondering how nervous it turns Meghan Markle and Piers Morgan.

For one its her husband who is getting close to his family, that according to her was unfair to the couple and their child and the other one who has been loyal to the Royals and in the Royal feud, though gained popularity but lost his job.

What are your thoughts, thanks for watching...

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