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Lily James speaks about Dominic West Scandal: 'There Is a Lot to Say'

Last year around October, Lily James and Dominic West caused some controversy when they were caught looking cosy when in Rome while filming their upcoming drama Pursuit of Love, only issue was the pictures seemed rather scandalous and Dominic was an already married man.

The pictures showed Dominic kissing Lily James’ neck in some images and a source speaking to E! News revealed,

“At the end of lunch Lily sat next to Dominic and he couldn’t resist kissing her neck and stroking her.”
“They then visited the nearby church and Dominic placed his hand on Lily‘s butt.”

Before parting ways, the source added that “the two actors shared a long embrace and many kisses before parting.”

He then strangely returned home to the UK shortly after the pictures were released and then to prove a point he did a photoshoot with his wife, Catherine FitzGerald who was reported to have been shocked by the photos and then a statement about their marriage on Tuesday October 13 2020 was made.

“Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together,” the couple said, before handing out a piece of paper with the statement written on it and signed by both of them individually.

Lily James never actually publicly discussed it until now, almost 7 months later for the first time in a new interview.

“You found yourself at the centre of a media storm last autumn [due to rumours of an affair with Pursuit of Love castmate Dominic West]. What was that like?,” the Guardian asked Lily James.

Lily then responded;

“Ach, I’m not really willing to talk about that. There is a lot to say, but not now, I’m afraid.”

How interesting, she has clearly said there is something to be said so its not an exact denial though not an admission either, but for whatever reason she is choosing to stay tight lipped.

We have to say, if this had been an affair then given the events that followed after they parted ways in Italy Dominic West’s wife may well have had to do something with the two remaining tight lipped or maybe she wasn’t happy with how Dominic had behaved and have so far chosen not to say anything about it.

When the time comes it sounds like Lily James may well tell the true story and this one may well be an interesting one, tell us what you think?

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