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Lil Nas X releases limited edition of shoes which come complete with human blood

Lil Nas X has just released a new shoe, leaving many wondering where is he going with all of this.

Not only did his recent music video “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” raise eyebrows, his new line of shoes comes complete with human blood.

What? I hear you ask? And more importantly whose blood is going in them?

The classic Air Max ’97’s have been revamped by collaborators MSCHF and come in limited edition stock of 666 pairs, each individually numbered “x/666” in red embroidery.

The shoes will also contain 66 CCs of red ink, as well as one drop of human blood and contains some bible scriptures which has been thought to be a controversial.

Though it is not known what inspired the shoes and whether this is some message to the universe, Lil Nas X’s latest video “MONTERO” has a similar Satan theme. The video shows the 21 year old going to hell before showing Satan his best moves during a lap dance.

Fans on Twitter have responded expressing their views and wondering the same thing as everyone else. One wrote;

One fan asked whose blood it was and another wondered if it was an April’s fool Joke.

Replying to both comments one user wrote;

Other wondered if this was just a way to make money;

According to Snopes while the shoes are Nike Air Max 97 they don’t have anything to do with Nike. They are actually bought by MSCHF, a company known for “creating some of the most absurd, cynical, and viral projects and products that have spread across the internet.” After buying the products the company makes them their own by adding creative modifications.

MSCHF founding team member Daniel Greenberg told Snopes in an email that “the blood in the shoes comes courtesy of the MSCHF team.”

MSCHF other products have include a “range from an astrology-based stock trading app, to a toaster-shaped bathbomb, to Holy Water-filled sneakers.”

The shoes are being sold for $1,018 and will be available from 29 March. Whether there is any demand for wearing someone else’s blood waits to be seen.

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