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Leonardo DiCaprio Looks Unrecognizable With Bushy Beard | Leonardo DiCaprio's New Look

If you thought the life of an actor was tough, think again! It seems gaining a few pounds and keeping a scraggy looking beard and moustache is perfectly ok, or at least it is for Leonado DiCaprio who is playing the role of an astronomer alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the new Netflix comedy 'Don’t Look Up' and he is almost unrecognisable.

The polished and handsome character we have gotten used to seeing in his other films such as The Great Gatsby and the Wolf of Wall Street is no more.

According to pictures taken in Boston on 4 Jan 2021, in his latest role his blonde locks have been dyed dark brown, he has bushy facial hair and is wearing glasses to get him into the character of Dr. Randal Mindy in his new comedy where he alongside a character played by Jennifer Lawrence are “A pair of astronomers try to warn everyone on Earth that a giant meteorite will destroy the planet in six months,” according to

Of course such a character would not be convincing unless he wore brown corduroy blazer, mismatched white and blue plaid button-up shirt, loose fitting blue jeans and well worn trainers on his feet as DiCaprio is, just like ones in the picture that was taken on 4 Jan.

J-Law is thought to be playing his assistant named Kate Dibiasky and has also been given a new look for the film.

She was spotted with bright red shoulder length hair and very short cropped bangs while wearing an orange sweater, jeans and a green bomber jacket for her scenes. Needless to say her role was very different from the one she played in Red Sparrow where her character was recruited to train in spy-craft specializing in seduction of the enemy.

Both stars are known to be very particular about which movies they act in, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this is another one that will get everyone engrossed in the movie. The movie is thought to be political satire coupled with comedy and not to forget surrounded by potential meteorite disaster.

As if these two actors weren’t enough other famous stars include Meryl Streep playing President Janine Orleans, Jonah Hill as her son in the movie and singer Ariana Grande as a character named Riley Bina. Cate Blanchet and Chris Evans are also thought to be acting in the movie. With such an amazing cast this movie is certainly one to look out for in 2021. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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