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Larsa Pippen Googled Malik Beasley, Figured Out Problems In His Marriage And Only Then Made Her Move

Larsa Pippen spoke candidly on Sunday’s episode of Hollywood Unlocked and even revealed that she had googled Malik Beasley before dating him and only went into the relationship while he was still married to estranged wife Montana Yao after finding out they were having issues. How very noble of Larsa.

“We had spoken about it. It wasn’t a secret. I know a lot of people that are married and exiting,” Pippen, 46, said about Beasley, 24, and Yao’s separation.

“I’ve played that part. So for me, if you’re not being shady and you’re telling me all your stuff, I’m going to believe you.”

The former “Real Housewives of Miami” star has denied accusations by Yao that Beasley was cheating on her with Pippen while Yao and Beasley were married. Pippen went on to add,

“A lot of people are not happy in their situations and they don’t want to jump ship until they see someone they like,” Pippen explained.

“You don’t want to just shake your kids up because you might never meet someone that you actually like. You’re in a state of living in the same place, but not really together.”

Interesting, is Pippen saying that people wait to find someone else before they move on? Surely not?

Pippen then went on to reveal she Googled Beasley prior to dating him and said she found out “they had issues before” she met him.

“It had nothing to do with me, so I wasn’t thinking anything about it,” she said.
“If you spent a minute Googling their situation, it wasn’t the ideal situation way before me.”

She went on to say she’s going to keeping her personal life private going forward.

“What’s the point of taking a beating over a guy I had just started talking to?” she asked.

So there you have it folks, in the world from Larsa’s eyes googling people to establish whether they have a problem in their marriage is the way to justify dating an already married man. Not only that but of course you are doing everyone a favour too.

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