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Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley pictures leaves wife Montana Yao "blindsided"

The very attractive NBA star, 24 year old Malik Beasley definitely has the ladies swooning over him, but of course most know their place especially given he is married to Montana Yao with whom he shares a child.

So imagine discovering that he has actually been spotted holding hands with Larsa Pippen. Photos have been published online showing the two spending time together in Miami last week and Montana Yao is not happy to say the least.

According to TMZ, his wife Montana was “blindsided” when she saw pictures of Larsa Pippen and the Minnesota Timberwolves star, Malik Beasley arm in arm on 23 November.

In the photo, Beasley who is 24 is seen with 46 year old Pippen who is almost twice his age. She is seen in a provocative outfit walking with him. Sources have told TMZ that Montana was expecting him back for his 24th birthday on Nov 26th but was disappointed to learn when he didn’t make it. According to TMZ she is pretty upset with the situation.

Larsa is of course known to have a thing for basketball players, whether that’s her ex husband Scotty Pippen with whom she shares 4 children and was married to for 21 years or whether it's Malik or even Tristan Thompson who she claims to have dated before he got together with Khloe Kardashian.

Malik Beasley is clearly an attractive option, he is heading to his sixth season in the league after securing a four-year, $60 million contract with the Timberwolves during the offseason.

He has however had some troubles recently and was caught for illegal drug possession and allegedly aiming a gun at a family outside his home on September 26th 2020. Beasley was arrested but was released the same day.

His Instagram model wife, Montana Yao was also involved and even claimed to have admitted that “all the marijuana was hers, adding that she purchased it from a medical marijuana distributor. However, according to police, she was unable to name the location.” reported Daily Mail.

Sounds like he has a pretty strong bond with his wife if she is willing to vouch for him, maybe Larsa is just a temporary fling or maybe there is more to the relationship and the two are helping each other out during what seems to be a tough time for him. What do you think? Is it serious or just some fun?

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