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Kylie Jenner trolled for not knowing the Australian flag despite wanting to sell Kylie Skin to them

Kylie Jenner took to twitter to share exciting news about her new skincare brand only to get trolled.

On 30 September she tweeted about her skincare brand launching four international sites with 35.4 million followers.

She wrote:

Underneath she posted, the number of international links next to the flags but got Australia wrong, though she was close.

She had used an image of the South Georgia and South Sandwich Island flag instead which has the same union Jack as the Australian one but a cresent instead of the stars.

Many were shocked, one said;

‘This can’t be real’

Another said;

‘So so close. But nope.’

One pointed out as it was a promo multiple people must have checked the tweet. She writes;

‘and since it’s promo I’m sure her manager went over this?’

One pointed out that the Australian flag auto-populates when you type in "Australia" on an iPhone, which Kylie used to writer her tweet.

Well guys, everyone makes a mistake. Let’s chill and not give her or her manager too much of a hard time over this!

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