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Kylie Jenner fans mock her $36m mansion's huge walk-in shower for embarrassing water pressure

Kylie Jenner has got what she likes the most, being talked about and you can say it is the first time in 2021 when Kylie Jenner is trending online.

She has become a top trend on Twitter and the reason is an embarrassing water pressure in her luxuries bathroom.

The almost billionaire fashion mogul has posted pictures of her bathroom with the shower on her Instagram stories and left it open. While it was not surprising to see the enormous size of her bathroom the water flow from the shower ruined the show.

As we know Twitter does not spare anyone, it was Kylie’s turn today and she was mocked brutally for plumbers fault, maybe the plumber saw videos on some alternative platforms and his expectations were too high but went back disappointed.

The tweet, which racked up one million likes, read: " Kylie Jenner lives in a $35m mansion, and this is the water pressure..."

"I loved the walls and how big it was but the pressure was NOT it."

"And I would prefer a different shower head... like a I need more water lol DROWN me please," one fan wrote.

A second added:

"Ok but if you live in a 35 million dollar mansion, you should at least have some good water pressure."

"It's basically for when you want to wash your body without wetting your hair, like a mini handheld shower you can use to wash the parts that need cleaning and keep your hair dry.
Or rinse round the edges or the shower to remove soap, hair etc," a third shared.

Someone blamed it on the state while defending Kylie:

"California has water use restrictions.... has nothing to do with money."

Another one added

"Ding! Ding! Ding! You're right. California Energy Commission has slashed the water flow on showerheads since 2015. We also have stricter water-use criteria for our toilets and faucets."

But another user responded saying;

"The pool and giant lawn indicate that saving water is not a concern for her."

"Rich people problems. Imagine not having water at all. just a thought," added another.

I mean that is ok, everyone lives with some flaws and everything cannot be perfect at all the moments but if by any means, she is trying to use less water, that is totally ok and as far as swimming pool is concerned maybe they have a reverse osmosis system in place to reuse the same water. But if that is not the case, keep going twitter.

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