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Kris Jenner labels Chrissy Teigen as the one with “stupid” ideas, Hilarious New Video

Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner have announced the launch of a new product and it has left many lost and confused.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and the “Cravings” author decided to release a line of cleaning and self-care products which they called Safely.

Like many our first reaction was what? Not exactly what you would expect from the two ladies.

In an attempt to make it funny, they decided to launch it with a video where each women’s role is interesting. Kris plays the role of being a marketing genius while Chrissy Teigan plays the role of being a person who comes up with “dumb ideas”. To be clear, we think they are role playing and not being themselves, or are they?

The ad starts with a brainstorming session of the two ;

“I want my own product line because, honestly, everyone has one already — I even have one,” Chrissy jokes, adding she’s thrilled to work with “the branding master herself, Kris Jenner.”

Kris says she is excited too but hopes that Chrissy’s ideas “aren’t really dumb”.

Chrissy then shares some of her product ideas including “clear tinfoil” and “pre-chewed spaghetti” clearly in an attempt to demonstrate some dumb ideas. We have to say she has done a pretty good job at dumb ideas as they appear pretty dumb to us.

“Goddammit, Kris! I just wanted a place where I could come, where I could pitch my ideas safely,” Chrissy says, which gives Kris an idea. Notice how it is Kris who is the person with the bright ideas.

Kris suggests they “create a line of super-effective cleaning products, plant-based, that are safe enough for the entire family, and we can even use them to wash our hands.”

“And we’re going to call it?” Kris asks Chrissy, who excitedly stands up and exclaims, “Handjobs by Kris Jenner!” that supposed to be abother dumb idea? It must be since the name they went with was Safely.

The internet has not been too impressed, one use wrote;

That being said, it has clearly got the attention of many, so maybe Kris has done her job of marketing the product well. Whether it picks or not is another story. With the amount of money Kris has we are sure it probably will or maybe she will prop it up so that it seems like it is successful even when it isn’t though who knows. Interesting though that she chose to make Chrissy the dumb one in the ad. Was it intentional or all simply said in jest. Tell us what you think?

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