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Kourtney Kardashian To Jealous Scott Disick "I don't care, Live your life"

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker may be pretty loved up but seems like their exes are struggling to see them happy.

The two made their relationship Instagram official on Valentines day 2021, but a source speaking to People revealed that Scott Disick has “struggled” and been jealous of her previous relationships.

With Travis, he is struggling even more. Before Travis, Kourtney's relationships were never serious. It was more like flings. With Travis, it's different," the insider says.

"Scott was pretty shocked when he found out that they are dating, and he can tell that they have moved very quickly," the source continues. "His kids love Travis, which is also hard for Scott. Kourtney and Travis are like a family with the kids. Scott is having a hard time with this situation."

The source goes on to add that Scott Disick “has many regrets” when it comes to his relationship with Kourtney after the two split in 2015.

"He knows that he messed up their relationship and let her down. For a long time, he still hoped that they would end up back together," the insider adds.

Meanwhile Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker’s ex is also expressing similar feelings of being hurt depite the two having broken up almost 10 years ago.

"Shanna's moved on from Travis, but it's been hurtful that everything he's doing for Kourtney he did before for her, like the plane flying overhead, the flowers. It's all exactly the same," a source close to Moakler, who is dating Matthew Rondeau, tells PEOPLE.

While the source notes that "Shanna and Travis are cordial with each other and are friendly — they have a long history together," seeing his over-the-top professions of love for Kardashian — which are similar to what he did for Moakler, 46 — has been difficult for his ex, referring of course to the getaways, flowers and tattoos.

"Again she's moved on from Travis and has her own boyfriend and life, but this is just hurtful to her," says the source of Moakler, who was married to Barker from 2004 to 2008.

Sometimes seeing your ex move on is harder than the split itself and does make you wonder why you weren’t good enough but the other person is but then again it also makes the breakup real and puts a true end to it. Seems like both Shanna and Scott need to accept that whatever relationship they had with their former partners is truly over.

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