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Kourtney Kardashian Calls Out Kendall Jenner for Returning Her Pricey Birthday Present

It’s all coming out in a recent sneak peak of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and this one involves Kendall Jenner and her habit of slyly returning gifts.

In the clip, Kourtney is discussing what to get Kendall for her 25th birthday which was of course last year in November.

"So I started her this collection of Hèrmes China last year for her birthday," Kourtney says.

"I got her like tea cups and a tea pot and all the tea stuff. And then for Christmas, I added to it and got her all the serving platters, so I was thinking I could add to it and get the dishes."

We called Hèrmes and I was like, 'Can you send me photos of what I didn't get yet?' and then they just said, 'I can absolutely do that but she returned everything that you got her.'"

Khloe is shocked but Kim is clearly amused as she tries not to laugh. “Stop!” Khloe says.

"I, like, literally picked out each dish with thought and care,"

Kourtney says somewhat upset. Khloe wonders whether Kourtney was aware that they may not be to her taste asking if she liked them when she opened them to which Kourtney says “She liked them!”

In an attempt to make Kourtney feel better, Khloe says it may be an age thing..

"She's young, she's not, we love china because we have like dinner parties...In a few years she'll wish that she had it," Kourtney concludes.

However she does decide that perhaps it would be funny to keep sending her the same gift.

"I want to be like, 'You think the joke's on me, you keep returning it. The joke's on you because I'm going to keep buying it!'" Kourtney laughs.

"I just want to give it to her again to see her reaction."

"I really just find it funny. I just want to see her opening and pretending this is the greatest gift," she later adds in her confessional.

There is no lost love though, Kourtney does go on to admit she also used to return gifts and this may well just be Karma.

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