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Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae's unlikely friendship makes Kim suspicious

When it comes to relationships amongst couples, people typically frown upon those where large age differences are involved and there may well be some good reasons involved, still it is accepted. Seems like when it comes to friendship between two friends with large age differences the same criticism applies or at least that is the case when it comes to Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian.

The 20 year old TikTok star Addison Rae and the 41 year old mum of 3 have struck up an unlikely friendship leading many to question what exactly do they have in common.

During an interview on Audacy Check In on April 2 Addison Rae spoke about her friendship with Kourtney revealing;

“She’s always been here for me. She’s such an amazing person and friend. She always checks up on me, and says ‘make sure you’re keeping yourself first and doing what you want to do and not letting someone hurt you, and really focusing on yourself. This is your time and this is your time to make sure you’re happy and living your life."

Aww so sweet, but that is not all, in next week’s sneak peek Kim Kardashian who is also curious about the friendship between Kourtney and Addison quizzes Kourtney’s son, 11 year old Mason Disick, about the friendship.

In the promo, Kim, Khloe and nephew Mason are sat on a table when Khloe asks; “She sleeps over a lot?”

At this point Kim asks, “What room does she sleep in?”

Mason replies “My mom’s”

Which Kim is clearly surprised by as she later goes on to say that;

"Kourtney's not really like this with her other girlfriends."

Many others have also questioned the unlikely relationship including a social media user who spoke last year about how they found the relationship odd.

Criticizing the two, the user said;

"this friendship still weirds me tf out," to which another added, "shes 41 and she's hanging around with 19 year olds in swimming pools."

Kourtney replied with;

"Do you suggest a better place. I'm looking for ideas..."

The real question is how did Addison Rae and Kourtney meet and how long have they been friends? here is a rundown for the curious ones amongst us

The two met when Mason danced alongside Addison Rae in a TikTok video she shared in March 2020 after Mason first joined TikTok in January 2020. Although his online accounts have been deleted since as it is thought that he revealed family secrets during Instagram live.

I suppose expecting a 10 year old to keep secrets was always going to be challenging.

David Dobrik who is also an influencer joined Addison Rae and Mason in another TikTok video on the same day.

On 27th May, Kardashian learnt a workout video from Addison Rae which went viral. It was at this point it was revealed that Addison Rae had been to Kourtney Kardashians house and the reality star even talked about going skydiving to which Kourtney said it was something they should do together.

In June 2020, Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian called each other “besties” while wearing white sweatshirts in a TikTok video set to Playboi Carti’s song “Shoota”

On 22nd June they created a hilarious spoof KUWTK video where the two are dressed in marching silk pajamas.

"I mean, I feel fine. I just cry myself to sleep every night," Kardashian mouthed, impersonating herself discussing freezing her eggs on a 2018 "KUWTK" clip.

Addison Rae as a Kardashian friend replied,

"Yeah, that's totally normal."

On 25th June, Addison Rae made it as a model for KKW Beauty makeup when the two posed for Kim Kardashians makeup line.

Then it appeared that the two started spending even more time together in July. On 15th the two were spotted having dinner with friends, the next day Addison Rae was by kardashian’s pool in a picture posted on Instagram. On July 17th Addison Rae was making a video with Scott Disick and their daughter Penelope. On 18th the two were in a pool wearing matching stripped pajamas and on July 21 Addison Rae revealed for the first time that it was actually Dobrik who introduced her to Kardashian

"I met them through a friend. I met Kourtney through a friend — through David. We had surprised Mason, because Mason liked my videos on TikTok. Then I kind of just stuck around and we got really close," she explained.

Seems like the social media star, Addison Rae is completely in awe of Kourtney based on conversations that followed. In July she revealed that it was Kardashian that told her to be humble and grateful during an interview with Us Weekly.

Later she told Access that Kardashian is an amazing person and she looked up to her and has been teaching Kourtney TikTok videos.

But it seems the budding friendship isn’t just with Kourtney but Mason too. On 29th July the two besties were in matching hoodies but then later Addison Rae danced in a video with Mason again.

Soon speculation started that Addison Rae was dating Scott Disick but those rumours were quickly shot down.

The budding friendship clearly continued and has really transitioned into one of true friendship. Whether the friendship lasts or not waits to be seen. Maybe its just Kourtney trying to raise her profile in the world of TikTok, maybe she is doing it for her son who is clearly a big fan or maybe it really is just the two being good friends. What do you think? Thanks for..

July 15th and the two were spotted having dinner with friends including Addison Rae’s friend Simon Huck and his fiancé Phil Riporella. The next day they spent time at her pool.

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