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Kourtney and Scott Disick's turbulent relationship EXPLAINED

Heartbroken or should we say possessive Scott Disick has recently dropped a lot of hints about his intention behind wanting more from Kourtney Kardashian judging by a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians but she has firmly rejected his moves and does anyone blame her, Scott didn’t exactly make her life easy for her. And let’s not forget the Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker who has been the perfect gentleman.

The question most people are asking is where did it go so wrong with Scott Disick and was he the love of her life? Well we are here to tell you all you need to know about their roller coaster of a relationship.

It all goes back to 2006

Their story goes back to 2006 when the two met in Mexico at the house of a mutual friend, film producer Joe Francis. According to Kourtney she wasn't really into Scott at first because he was four years younger and lived on the east coast while she was a valley girl.

To make matters worse, Scott wasn’t particularly liked by her family either with some thinking that he partied way to much and needed fix his attitude but love gets the best of us and Scott and Kourtney’s attraction at the time was undeniable.

The two started dating in 2007 but broke up in 2009 when Scott was caught texting a woman

It wasn’t long when the two started dating in 2007. However it was short lived and the after Scott was caught texting a woman saved as my wife the two broke up in 2009. What were you thinking Scott?

Following pregnancy news they got back to together again and fatherhood had a slight impact but the relationship remained turbulent

It would seem destiny was on their side and Kourtney found herself pregnant so gave Scott another go in the hope that fatherhood may help Scott. Their first child Mason Disick was born in December 2009.

Did fatherhood change Scott, well didn’t seem like it since Scott’s drinking just got worse and in an episode of KUWTK in 2010 Kourtney decided the best thing may be to take Mason away.

Kourtney very clearly told Scott she loved Mason more than she loved him which did seem to work on Scott who for a while played ball and seemed to have fixed himself. So Kourtney thought she should give him another go but around the same time it turned out that she was pregnant again with Kourtney confirming the news on 30th November 2011.

Scott did go through a bit of a rough patch after that. He his mother bonnie in October 2013 after a long illness and his father Jeffrey died just three months later. Fate once again kept the two going since shortly after Kourtney confirmed she was expecting her third child with Scott. On December 14 2014, their third child, son Rayne Disick was born. Becoming a parent for the third time and losing his own parents really started to sink in for Scott who checked himself into a rehab center finally realising he needed help.

This is turn helped his relationship with Kourtney and the two seemed to be going strong but a leopard rarely changes its spots so when in July 2015 Scott was caught partying with a group of women on a Yatch and getting close to Chloe Bartoli in Monte Carlo, while Kourtney spent her time looking after their children, Kourtney thought it was time to call it quits and broke up with him over the 4th July weekend.

A source close to the couple told E! at the time that Scott had been running around and saying he was single and revealed that Kourtney decided to dump him after she saw the paparazzi photos from Monte Carlo.

Rumors started that Kourtney may have moved on to Justin Bieber

Kourtney herself was turning her attention to others and soon rumors started that she may be dating Justin Bieber after Justin posted a photo with a mystery woman whose face could not be seen and everyone thought was Kourtney. Justin also captioned the image with the words lord knows and the fans were convinced Justin was throwing shade at Scott whose nickname is the lord in April 2016.

Scott dropped a subtle hint that he may still like Kourtney but she shot down the rumours

Scott was clearly missing Kourtney though and perhaps did not like the time she was spending with another man so thought he would in his own subtle way pay her tribute on her birthday by posting a photo with her kissing in the ocean. The photo was captioned happy birthday Kourtney everyone who knows you loves you so much.

Neither confirmed whether they were back together but when a photo by Kourtney was shared with the two of them on a family vacation in December 2016 rumors started that perhaps the two were together but it was not so and Kourtney quickly shut down the rumors and shared another photo of her and Scott with a caption mom and dad back at it again with the co-parenting skills.

Kourtney started getting cozy with Algerian boxer turned model Younes Bendjima and Scott did not like it despite him dating Sophia Richie

She was soon spotted getting cozy with the Algerian boxer turned model Younes Bendjima and of course Scott was not happy once again so threw a fit over the phone after Kourtney told him she was no longer single. Of course Scott may have had some kind of credibility had it not been for the fact that he started dating Sophia Richie who was almost 16 years younger than him.

As one fan pointed out,

“so let me get this straight it's okay for Scott to date 19 year olds but if Kourtney dates a 24 year old it's an issue. boy please."

Although Kourtney tried to accept Sophia and even agreed to have Sophia join the family vacation in Mexico things were definitely awkward between these three. Kourtney all of a sudden found herself single once again as she broke up with Eunice and Scott continued to flaunt Sophia Richie.

One fan even commented at the time that it was creepy how Sophia looks like a lighter-haired 20 years younger version Kourtney and even Kendall Jenner threw shade at Scott's new relationship by commenting on a photo of Scott his children and Sophia. ‘Aw Scott and his kids’ she was reported to have said

Scott and Sophia didn't seem to pay too much attention to the critics and Scott reassured the world around him, possibly for Sophia’s sake that their romance was real and that Sophia was the first girl besides Kourtney that was a real relationship

Scott cheated on Sophia and their relationship became turbulent

It would seem soon Sophia was in Kourtney’s shoes after he was spotted flirting with a mystery woman at Kanye west's album release party in Wyoming.

Sofia dumped Scott after she found out he cheated on her with another woman in Miami however it would seem Scott is a sweet talker so they somehow managed to get back together and even quarantined together in early 2020 but things were possibly not smooth sailing since he was soon in rehab once again in May 2020.

Sophia initially tried to be supportive of Scott but for someone who was still 21, taking on troubles of a 37 year old was far too much so she decided to take a break to allow Scott to work on himself and less than a month later decided it was time to break up.

After breaking up with Sophia he turned to Kourtney but decided to date Amelia Hamlin

Scott did what he always does and turned to Kourtney for support sparking rumors that maybe they were together again but his desire for younger women meant that he moved on to 19 year old Amelia Hamlin quickly.

Scott and Amelia were first photographed together at Kendall Jenner's 25th birthday party on October 31st 2020 and the two confirmed their relationship a few weeks later. Kourtney didn’t comment on their relationship but nothing gets past the fans and one quite rightly pointed out that Amelia Hamlin is only four years older than Scott and Kourtney's relationship. Many also felt the relationship was creepy.

Kourtney herself has moved on with Travis Barker but that hasn't stopped Scott making his feelings known

Kourtney herself decided that it was time to move on and has been dating blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and things are definitely very serious between the two. So much so that people are wondering if marriage could be on the cards soon though whether she is ready for that is not yet known.

As for Scott he has been complaining on recent episodes of keeping up with the Kardashian’s that he feels hurt by Kourtney's new relationship.

“It's my insecurity that I feel like I just don't like seeing you with another guy.”

Scott told Kourtney,

“It hurts me when you're with somebody else seeing you around any guy bothers me.”

Initially Kourtney’s family had hoped she would work it out with Scott, in fact in one episode Kris Jenner even commented

“Can we just have a Kourtney and Scott wedding.”

Scott then made things even more awkward by turning to Kourtney and saying

“Well I love you and I'm ready to marry you right here right now. Kourtney knows that we'll eventually get married and live a good life.”

Kourtney however later explained she felt ambushed by Scott and her family and said in her confessional.

“I just don't think it's really fair to talk about it in front of the whole family as if it's everyone's business.”

Things have been heating up between Kourtney and Travis in 2021 and it looks like Kourtney has finally decided to set some boundaries for Scott while Scott is going around as love sick puppy expressing his regret over their breakup while at the same time dating Amelia Hamlin. It’s safe to say Scott had plenty of chances and good on Kourtney for finally seeing the light and moving on.

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