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Kim Kardashian's Latest Post Made Fans Wonder If She Has Only 4 Toes On Her Right Foot

Kim Kardashian is enjoying every bit of her life as a single and successful business woman and recently we have seen back to back posts on instagram as she flaunts her flawless body, some are suggesting Kim is in revenge mode after filing divorce and posing more pics in bikinis but there is someone who seems to be working extra hard, no no no, we are not talking about Drake or Van Jones.

We are talking about Kim's photo editor, who might have gone little too far and virtually amputated one of Kim's toe from her right foot under heavy work pressure , but that was actually not the case, and we will explain how.

Anyways once again Kim Kardashian was accused of heavily editing her pictures. According to mirror, baffled fans pointed out they can only see four toes on her right foot in her latest beach snap.

In the picture, Kim is seen leaning up against a fallen tree with her right foot pressed against the trunk.

However, some fans have pointed out it looks like Kim only has four toes on that foot - and have claimed it seems to be an editing error.

One wrote: "Only 4 toes?" and another added: "She has 4 toes??"

While another pointed out there seems to be a bit of tree missing from the picture, tweeting: "Same with the random missing tree between her arm and body."

But finally an eagle eyed fan saw what most of the people ignored, explaining "There are 5 toes in pic, little one has SAND and slightly over the 4th."

So finally the puzzle is solved and those who were worried if Kim Kardashian had only 4 toes or her pics were overly photoshopped have proven themselves lacking attention to details.

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