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Kim Kardashian Reveals Exactly What’s Missing From Her Kanye West Marriage

Kim Kardashian is definitely one of the most influential personality of reality television and fashion industry, who also recently joined the billion-dollar club, but does all this guarantee happiness, not really.

Surprisingly even after being around her family for most of her time and followed by press and paparazzies she isn’t immune to the effects of loneliness.

As the reality show star is in process of legal separation with her rapper husband of 7 years, Kanye West, there were many rumors about whether Kanye cheated on Kim or Kim cheated on Kanye, recently Kim opened up to trash the rumors and according to her, the separation is not because of infidelity but an emotional disconnect in the marriage.

Even in the finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the businesswoman and reality star admitted that there were a lot of “little things” that were missing from her union to West.

In the episode, Kim Kardashian is seen sitting with her mother, Kris Jenner, revealing the exact moment when she knew that she needed to divorce West.

“I just feel like I’ve worked so hard in life to achieve everything that I’ve wanted to, and I’ve lived up to my expectations and achieved 10 times more than I even thought was humanly possible, but I don’t have a life to share that with,” she said.

“I was like, ‘Wow, it’s, like, the little things I don’t have.’ I have all the big things… After turning 40 this year, I realized like, ‘No I don’t want a husband that lives in a completely different state.’

To me, I thought, ‘Oh, my God, that’s when we’re getting along the best,’ but then that is sad to me and that’s not what I want. I want someone that we have the same shows in common. I want someone who wants to work out with me.”

Now, there has always been rumors that Kanye does not like being around Jenners and after couple of years being married to Kim, in 2018, Kanye set up base in Wyoming in 2018 and purchased several large properties in the state. While Kim Kardashian and the couple’s children have spent significant time in Wyoming with West as he works on his business ventures, Kim Kardashian spends the majority of the year in Los Angeles, filming her reality show and studying to be a lawyer.

But it was a similar situation for Khloe and Tristan, where Tristan definitely did not pass the test and cheated several times but while Kanye and Kim were together, there was no such nonsense rumor making rounds.

It seems when Kanye and Kim did not adjust while setting up their common base, was the moment, there was a crack in the relationship.

Now Kanye is reported to be dating Irina Shayk, and it has to be seen how flexible Kanye turns out to be to make it work with Irina, apparently the more adjustments he makes, the more it will hurt Kim, though sources are claiming Kim is totally cool with Kanye and Irina.


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