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Khloe Kardashian speaks out against haters after leaked picture

Khloe Kardashian has always faced a lot of scrutiny online when it comes to her looks, physical appearance and even relationships.

But one of the things people have tried to prove multiple times is that she went under the knife to enhance her beauty and everything she posts online is heavily edited.

Khloe has by large ignored these claims or tried to reject it mildly but not any more, Khloe Kardashian said in a bombshell statement that she has been bullied into changing every aspect of her body for years from cruel fans - but denied "paying" for her new look.

So clearly Khloe has not responded to earlier claims because based on her statement it is evident that in the past she has surgically changed her looks and physical structure but the recent changes according to her are due to the hard work she has put in to get into a perfect shape.

And according to Khloe the best way to shut down the haters is to flaunt what you got, so the frustrated Khloe did not shy away and stripped to showcase her 'real' figure.

According to Mirror UK, Khloe Kardashian has furiously denied paying for surgery to tweak her body after a row over a leaked unedited snap went global.

The 36-year-old mum of True said the "pressure, constant ridicule and judgement" of being in the public eye had been "too much to bear" as she stripped off once again to show her followers she wasn't editing her live footage.

Khloe has been bombarded with questions by mean followers this week over a bikini snap of herself without her famous curves.

The photo - allegedly taken by grandmother MJ and accidentally posted to Instagram by an assistant - showed a gorgeously fresh-faced Khloe smiling in the sun.

Kardashian lawyers went into overdrive to get the image in question removed from the web, even threatening legal action against Reddit users who were sharing it.

According to Mirror, Khloe's sister Kim Kardashian also took to DMing followers and asking them to take it down.

"Hey guys, this is me and my body unretouched and unfiltered. The photo that was posted this week is beautiful. But as someone who has struggled with body image her whole life, when someone takes a photo of you that isn't flattering in bad lighting or doesn't capture your body the way it is after working so hard to get it to this point – and then shares it to the world - you should have every right to ask for it to not be shared – regardless of who you are," she wrote on Insta.

"'Khloe is the fat sister.' 'Khloe is the ugly sister.' 'Her dad must not be her real dad because she looks so different.' 'The only way she could have lost that weight must have been from surgery.'

"Shall I go on?"

She continued:

"Oh, but who cares how she feels because she grew up in a life of privilege. She's also on a reality show so she signed up for all of this. I'm, of course not asking for sympathy but I am asking to be acknowledged for being human."

She has shared more on what she has been feeling and going through, one side of the story is people are mean and its not only online, even in real life many people are bullied and the other side is vulnerability and public life can not go hand in hand.

If people are not appreciating how you expect them to, and if it bothers you to the extent you have to strip to prove your point, then there is something wrong that Khloe needs to fix for herself.

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