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Kendall labels Kylie an "Instagram model" in the Kendall Kylie TikTok video

Despite their on and off public fights, Kendall and Kylie decide to get real on a TikTok video they released on Thanksgiving.

With their funny and brutal honesty, the two talk about everything from love lives to being drunk.

They start off with an Instagram model v supermodel competition. It’s no surprise Kendall takes the lead here with her supermodel walk. Kylie also feels deserving of the title but Kendall puts her back in the Instagram model category.

The video is captioned by Kylie with a “I’m still a supermodel on the inside” Kylie says.

The two remain pretty amicable towards each other, Kylie claims to be her mother’s favourite whereas Kendall is Caitlyn Jenner’s favourite.

Kylie of course takes the “high maintenance” crown whereas Kendall is “low maintenance” in comparison.

Next was the all important category, “rapper” or “hoopers”.

Kylie is definitely in the rapper category particularly given her past with Tyga and given she shares her 2 year old daughter “Stormi” with Travis Scott. Kendall on the other hand prefers basketball players and has been linked to Ben Simmons and Devin Booker, thus falling in the “hoopers” category. Tell us which side you are on?

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