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Kendall - Kylie fight: Are Khloe and Kim silently on Kylie's side despite Kendall's anxiety issues?

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians sisters say they are not taking sides and yet they are. In the recent clip Khloe, Kim and Kourtney discuss the Kendall Kylie fight.

Khloe and Kim discuss the fight

Khloe and Kim are sat on the bed discussing the recent physical fight between the two younger siblings. Both appear to be sympathising with the younger siblings for the situation but then Kim drops in Kendall’s anxiety and how this situation is bringing it back up. She is heard in the clip saying;

“I don’t think she has had that kind adrenaline since she has been an adult”.

Though we don’t know too much at this stage, sounds like a lot of Kendall’s anxiety is a part of her past. Whether she actually wants it raised again is not something she has commented on.

Khloe is then later heard telling the cameras that she empathises with Kendall but is refusing to take sides. All very interesting, is there an underlying reason for not doing this? We know that Khloe has had her own issues with Kendall in the past.

Khloe's snarky remarks towards Kendall

In February 2020, Kendall posted a video of herself dressed in all black in front of a bathroom mirror with the comment “wingspan” as she moved her arm from above her head to her side, to draw attention to her lengthy limbs.

The first comment on the post comes from Khloe Kardashian who makes a very snarky remark, writing;

“We get it- you’re perfect.”

The remark garnered lots of comments with one commenter writing “Khloe says what everyone is thinking.”

We know Khloe has had her own body image issues recently with the drastic transformation she has gone through recently.

Kylie had Kim's back in the Kim Khloe fight last season

Meanwhile Kourtney who had a physical fight with Kim last season has chosen not to say too much in that particular clip and instead is seen to be observing the conversation. Interestingly last season when Kourtney had her fight with Kim, Kylie took Kim’s side tweeting;

“Kourtney is just straight unapologetic lol #kuwtk,” Kylie tweeted.

Of course, that tweet could have been taken either way. But, Kylie also reshared something Khloé Kardashian posted to her own Twitter feed.

”I would demolish Kourt’s a*s lol don’t play. I’m 5’10”. She’s 5 feet on a good day #KUWTK,” the Khloe's tweet read. Kylie then reshared it with a crying laughing emoji.

Are Khloe and Kim silently supporting Kylie?

Scripted or not, are Khloe’s feelings towards Kendall her true emotions or what she has been told to say and is Kim also secretly supporting Kylie for having her back last season when the fight broke out. What do you think?

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