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Katy Perry is copying Adele's look or is Adele copying Katy Perry?

It’s not unusual to have lookalikes, while part of being a celeb is changing how you look depending on the occasion and keeping your fans interested, it can get a bit confusing if your new look is exactly like another performer.

Katy Perry is one such celebrity who likes to change her look however in a recent virtual performance she has confused fans as she looks like Adele.

Katy Perry's copied Adele at Tmall virtual Double 11 Gala

In a Tmall virtual Double 11 Gala Katy Perry performed a medley of hits to kick off global shopping festival. Her choice of outfit was vintage glam with blonde waves and cat-eye makeup much like Adele's usual look.

The event was sponsored by Chinese giant Alibaba and celebrates their festival known as Double 11 which falls on you guessed it Nov 11. Perry shared the video with the fans 9 days later who responded with asking whether it was Adele.

Picture: Katie Perry (Right), Adele (Left_

Fans react

One fan wrote;

"Is that Adele??"

Another confirmed they had thought the same in response to the comment;

“I thought this was Adele too!”

Another wondered;

“thought I am the only one who thinks that way. What happened to her? Her style looks more like Adele now.”

Fans are of course used to seeing Katy in platinum short blonde hair whereas the strawberry blonde hair threw them off. The stage may have also been something they are not used to. Performing “Roar”, “Never Really Over” and her new song “Not the End of the World” in what appeared be the kind of stage Adele would have used.

Fans thought Adele copied Katy Perry as she marked Notting Hill carnival, confusing Piers Morgan

This isn't the first time the two have been mixed up, Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan also mixed them up when he thought Adele was actually Katy Perry as she marked Notting Hill Carnival on Instagram this summer.

He said at the time: "This is truly shocking… when did Adele become Katy Perry?"


Sounds like Adele’s weight loss transformation has meant she looks more like Katy now and fans are just confused. Though we can’t say who is copying whom is a resemblance really such a bad thing?

Both are talented women who look great with catchy songs. What do you think?

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