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Kate Winslet Said British Media Bullied Her After The Release Of Titanic

It is great to achieve success, it gives you a sense of pride and security in your life and not to forget a lot of attention, but what would it be like if you realize you did not want that, or you did not want it that much.

It might make you feel hopeless and something similar was the case with the Titanic actress Kate Winslet, Whose life was saved by Leonardo Di Caprio sacrificing his own, but only in the movie

and in the real world, she had to handle the good and bad of success on her own.

And after the success of Titanic, Kate Winslet got so much attention by media and paparazzi that she started feeling bullied and she was waiting for her fame to pass.

The Oscar winning actress has revealed this while speaking to Marc Maron on his podcast "WTF With Marc Maron."

Winslet, who was only 21 at the time, spoke of this intense experience with Maron, saying she went into "self-protective mode" as soon as the hit movie came out.

"It was like night and day from one day to the next. I was subject to a lot of personal physical scrutiny, I was criticized a lot and the British press was quite unkind to me. I felt bullied if I'm honest," Winslet said. "I remember thinking, 'this is horrible and I hope it passes'
– it did definitely pass but it made me realize that, if that's what being famous was, I was not ready to be famous, thank you, no, definitely not."

Titanic will remain an iconic movie and its success was well acknowledged by 11 Academy Awards back then, as expected the success of the movie had brought immense fame for the lead actors however it also brought a lot of negative attention.

Winslet recalled how the press would talk about her as "being different because [she] was bigger than average."

"Meanwhile, I was like a size six or whatever, I have no idea. But that stuff was so shocking to me because then I would just push back and say: 'Well, this is just who I am,'" Winslet said.
"Well, then I was labeled as being ballsy. Then I was labeled as being headstrong. No, I'm just telling you that I like calves. What's wrong with that?"

Winslet also told Maron, however, that she thinks this is an area where "we are doing, globally, a little better — celebrating real women."

Winslet said that back in the 1990s when she was labelled "curvy Kate," Hollywood was full of "very, very slender women" in a way "not entirely balanced." Winslet said she thinks this trend has gone slightly now.

"I think we're much more able to not comment quite so much, not judge. Back in those days, we were judging, judging, judging all the time."

Well now we know how hard it is to be known by many and then how hard it is to manage the overwhelming attention, but it was back then. Now everyone is competing for the blue tick, a verified account and may be to become known as an influencer, I think we are doing, globally, a little better in handling success, attention and backlashes.

What are your thoughts.

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