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Kate Winslet Gave A Funny And Surprising Response When Asked About Bennifer 2.0

Kate Winslet recently responded to relationship rumours and we have to say her response has even made us laugh. In a new interview with New York Times, the actress was asked a series of rapid-fire questions where she was asked to either confirm or deny.

Now, we have to say she doesn’t have any connection to Bennifer in any way whatsoever but the question popped up;

“You can’t stop reading about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.”

To which she responded;

“What? No!” before exclaiming, “I’ve never read about Jennifer in my life.” She added, “What are these questions?”

During the game, the Titanic alum was also asked about making a sequel to the iconic 1997 film for Disney+ to which she said, she “never would”

As for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, they are definitely the talk of town and pretty much everyone is reading about it we are sure.

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