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Kate Moss' daughter Lila Moss turning heads marking her as the next big model to watch out for

Stunning Kate Moss is a well-known, much loved model and now she is passing on all the tricks of the trade to her daughter Lila Moss including her risqué dress sense.

The teenager, 18 year old, Lila Grace arrived at a party in a knee-length frock but left wearing a sheer black chiffon dress and a leather jacket stealing the show from her 46 year old mum. The attention grabbing move was not too dissimilar to a see-through dress her mother had worn 27 years ago which also turned heads.

Mini-Moss is said to be Kate Moss’ new goal who is trying to launch her into the fashion industry according to Daily Mail resulting in Lila Moss getting the name mini-Moss and Kate Moss being labelled ‘momager’ – or mom-manager.

It is said that Lila Moss is Kate Moss’ principal client at her modelling Agency, Kate Moss Agency and the hard work is paying off. Lila Moss has been named as the face of high-end Marc Jacobs new perfume, called perfect.

In a promotional interview, Lila paid tribute to her mother:

‘I remember when I was two, my mum and I were staying in New York. She was getting ready to go out and I saw this super sparkly, deep black eye shadow on her dressing table.
‘I made one of her friends apply it on me and spent the rest of the evening tottering around the room in a pair of my mum’s high heels.’

Well it is nice to see her mother trying to get her daughter to follow through with her ambitions, while many may struggle it is lucky that her daughter has a slightly easier ride.

Kate Moss has had her own struggles in modelling, standing at 5 feet 7, she was labelled at times as being too short in an industry where 5 ft 8 has historically been a requirement. However, she broke that barrier become world renowned and one of the most famous supermodel of all times.

Her daughter’s height is currently reported to be around 5 ft 5, (though she may still grow). However, perhaps this may well break those barriers and women of all heights, shapes and sizes will become celebrated even in high end modelling campaigns. We hope so!

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