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Kate Middleton Is The Real Hero According To The Body Language Experts Who Analyzed Phillips Funeral

It seems Prince William and Kate Middleton have welcomed Prince Harry back into their clan. We don't know exactly what they talked about but according to sighting the observations by body language experts Bruce and James the message their body language gave off at Prince Philip's funeral was welcoming.

Speaking to The Mirror, body language experts Believing Bruce and Judi James analyzed the trio's body language throughout the service, including during their public reunion outside St. George's Chapel afterwards.

Watch our video to look at the key moments and the eagle eyed observations.

Our thoughts

Well we know there was a lot of speculation on how Harry will face the royals, but we saw William played a perfect role of big brother and Harry had mixed emotions of guilt for the Oprah episode, sorrow for the loss of his grandfather and concern for his pregnant wife waiting for him on the other side of the pond.

Elderlies always try to bring the family together and may be it was the last effort by Prince Phillip.

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