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Kate Haralson Kicked Out Of Raya, But She Doesn't Care After Getting Enough Attention?

Raya at one point was pretty much a secret dating app catering to only celebs but its not a secret anymore and as a lot of A listers have signed in for Raya, so did newly budding social media influencers.

Now we dont know if celebs are looking for love or fling but we can most certainly say the tiktok stars are looking for attention and recently couple of cases cropped up with one involving Ben Affleck and the other one was with Matthew Perry.

Out of the two, obviously Matthew Perry and Kate Haralson matching was a bit scandlaous, because of, the age difference, he is engaged to someone and 19 year old Kate actually released a video stating her intention was to expose these old actors who take advantage of their position to talk to young girls, so Matthew Perry did not realize he was becoming a case study when he matched with a young tiktok star.

Keeping aside Kate Haralson's case, there are people who want matches with A listers for various reasons and it is consensual, so leading the campaign against something that is legal, may be creepy wasn't going to work well.

Now coming to Kate's case, this incident happened last year sometime and she has released it only after other video went viral, so her claim of exposing the old actors or educating the world is totally farce.

Now coming back to Raya, its not easy for anyone to register to Raya and there is a complicated process to get on board, and these violations of privacy will most certainly bring a bad name for Raya and new celebs might not consider taking the pain of going through long registration process just to be exposed for nothing but moving ahead after consent.

In that light and keep the credibility of their app, Raya has off boarded Kate Haralson and they did not go out of the way to take such step, if you go to the “Removal of a Member” section states, “Every member is expected to follow our simple rules of respect, trust, and privacy.

According to page six, Kate responded to the offboarding by saying

“I should have expected that would happen,” “I feel fine about it. I never really used it anymore anyways.”

We have to say as a celebrity privacy is the one thing they often ask for particularly when it comes to romance so perhaps a little unfair of `Haralson to single Perry out.

Afterall Haralson must have encouraged Perry to get him to a position of facetiming her and playing games. Echoing what many felt, perhaps he was exploring and soon realised her immaturity meant she wasn’t a right fit for him. Perhaps she should have reconsidered her actions and if she was on it to bag a famous man then she may well have destroyed her chances.

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