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Kanye West is no longer wearing his ring

Kanye West has definitely moved past Kim Kardashian and if you will look closely at his hand, he has bid adieu to his wedding ring.

Now last time we talked about his rumored relationship with Irina Shayk and that might be actually flourishing in the background but what has brought out attention back to Kanye West is his unique way to don a mask.

According to TMZ, Ye was spotted in L.A. -- or at least parts of him -- tooling around with a super snug, cloth bag around his head.

Now only Kanye can describe how it feel inside that head bag but if it was intended to make a fashion statement, our suggestion is don’t try it at home.

Kanye hasn't been seen much since his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, filed for divorce. But according to what we know, the divorce is on the way and taking its own time.

A photo of Kanye posted by DJ Khaled, sparked a rumor back in April that Kanye is still wearing his wedding ring and there is room for KimYe to reconcile but on digging deeper it was found that Khaled picked the pic from his vault and it was clicked in 2019 well before the filing.

Now as Kanye is already in LA, its to be seen if he plans to visit his estranged wife and four kids or if the relationship was too sour for them to start practicing their co-parenting skills.

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