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Kanye and Irina are 'seeing each other' despite Kim telling him she loves him

Kim Kardashian may have put it out there that she loves Kanye West but he seems to have moved on to Irina Shayk.

Based on reports by People on Wednesday 9 June, it has been confirmed that him and Irina are “seeing each other”. The two were spotted vacationing together in provence, France, walking together around a luxury boutique hotel on Tuesday 9 June on his birthday, which happened to be the same day Kim Kardashian told him she still loved him.

According to People, source claims;

“They have known each other professionally for years. He started pursuing her a few weeks ago. Kanyeis a persuasive guy,”

“He hung out with her in NYC before they celebrated his birthday in France. She seems smitten. He invited her to France and she happily accepted. They are not officially dating, but there is an interest from both sides.”

Kanye and Irina are seeing each other. It’s casual at the moment, but they are into each other. It’s been going on for a few weeks now,” another source told Page Six.

Kanye split from Kim in February 2021 and while she has been spotted on multiple occasions partying and living her life, she seems to not have moved on from Kanye based on her declaration of love o his birthday. Meanwhile Kanye seems to have found someone else if rumours are to be believed. Perhaps Kim’s birthday message will sway him or maybe he is happy to move on.

We have to say we do feel a little sorry for Kim to be in this position. Pining after your ex when he doesn’t want you isn’t a nice place to be.

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