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Kaley Cuoco questioning her marriage vows after seeing husbands mullet haircut

Who would have thought a haircut could get in the way of marriage vows. In Kaley Cuoco’s case it has. On Thursday, 21 January the actress shared a picture of her husband Karl Cook kissing her cheeks with his mullet haircut in which she looked horrified.

The 35 year old actress jokingly captioned the picture with;

“I don’t remember saying ‘in sickness and health oh and mullets,’” she hilariously wrote.

She then went on her Instagram Story because she wanted "the whole world to know I had nothing to do with this disgusting mullet."

Cook sat next to his wife on the couch as she filmed the video and jumped in to say;

"It was Kaley's idea. She loves my hair! It wouldn't have happened if she wasn't okay with it. That's just obvious."

Cuoco continued:

"I am appalled. I am disturbed and there aren't a lot of words."

Fans flooded the comments including their family friend Mavis Spencer;

“Saw @mrtankcook and when I asked how he was doing he said ‘still married’ and took his helmet off for a second…”
“You are a GOOD WOMAN!!

Young Sheldon actress Annie Potts offered some potential solutions including suggesting

“Cut it whilst he sleeps dear…

Cook shared a behind-the-scenes look at his hair transformation on his Instagram Story and appeared pleased with the results. When the haircut was complete he said;

"That's right!!! Business in the front party in the back!"

The mullet made a comeback in 2020 with many including Rihanna, Zac Effron and Miley Cyrus supporting the look. While we wouldn’t suggest breaking up with your partner over their choice of haircut, it certainly isn’t to our taste but tell us what you think? Is Kaley overreacting or is it a disgusting look?

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