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Justin Bieber's new car may not be to everyone's taste

The rich and the famous can afford a life of luxury and when you run out of things to buy, I suppose you move into designing your own car and that is exactly what Justin Bieber has done and his futuristic Rolls-Royce which looks like it’s something straight out of a movie.

The 26 year old was emotional when he saw the finished product on Friday which was designed with the help from West Coast Customs (WCC) who are famous for MTV’s Pimp my Ride.

The design is inspired by Rolls-Royce 103ex which is the company’s first vision vehicle. It is reported that the shop fused the design with the car’s Wraith model. The wheels of the car are completely covered making it seem like a hovercraft and the windows are tinted.

As you would expect it also comes with a state of the art sound system among many other features. According to previous articles issued by news 18, “this highly innovative car includes a fully electric drive train, completely autonomous drive and enhanced artificial intelligence. Wholly connected and entirely autonomous, it presents the marque’s uncompromised view of the future of luxury mobility.”

With so many features, it definitely gives Tesla a run for its money.

WCC founder Ryan Friedlinghaus said;

'I get a phone call from Justin Bieber, he's like "Ryan, I just texted you this video of this car that's amazing."'

When he realised that was just a prototype, Justin set out to build his own car. 'We're always pushing that envelope of doing stuff that doesn't exist,' Ryan said and so began the 3 year process of building this car.

As you would expect Justin was keen to take it for a ride and him and wife Hailey were seen on Saturday stepping out for a late breakfast.

Though the car is not to everyone’s taste it is definitely a head turner and we wouldn’t expect anything less from Justin Bieber. Tell us what you think?

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