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Julia Fox gives her and Kanye West a sweet couple’s nickname: 'Juliye'

After just 3 weeks of dating Kanye, Julia has already found a couple name. Clearly she is in it for the long term. The actress took to Instagram stories on Monday with a picture of her and her boyfriend, Kanye West otherwise known as Ye. The actress and model tagged her picture which was taken at the Paris Fashion Week with Juliye and a black heart emoji.

Julia also reposted another picture of the two which was shared by Vctor Sequella Rivas and came with the tag, '@juliafox serving dominatrix couture, repping all the sex workers always.' Before becoming famous, Julia was a dominatrix. Reflecting on her past last year the actress told the new yorker,

'We were, like, homeless. I'd go live at friends' houses. It was always some sort of dysfunctional family with a single mom, and I'd find my way in, and my dad didn't care.'

She fell into life as a dominatrix when she met one of the sisters who met as a dominatrix and she knew it was always an option for her. She responded to an ad on Craigslist looking for a dominatrix during the last year of high school and ended up in a long term relationship with a client.

'We were together for five years. He wanted me to marry him, and I loved him so much, but he wanted me to wear, like, Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Tory Burch. I felt like I was always playing a part.'

Seems like Julia may well like getting her men to dress her and is rumoured to be influenced by how Ye wants her to dress. Regardless her latest looks are definitely making headlines and she appears to be carrying it off well.

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