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Jordan Belfort "The Real Wolf Of Wall Street" Will Explain GameStop Incident In #WSB​ Documentary

There are two things that add glamour to finance and the stock market, money is definitely one of them but Hollywood has not contributed any less in making the financial profession sexy.

Whether we talk about the big short or wolf of wallstreet, it has definitely made many of us consider trying our luck in the stock market.

The theme of these movies has mostly been a middle class guy making it big by finding a loophole in the financial system, and the recent event where bunch of commoners, widely known as wallstreet betters, have done pretty much the same thing but with two major differences, it has not been about one person, it was a whole community that came together with the ambition to rise from the ashes and the second difference was it was not illegal, SEC and other regulatory bodies could not do much to the group on social media.

They are still functional and GameStop is still in news, but since the end of january 2021 many people were calling the event a new blockbuster for netflix, may be they are working on it but Discovery+ has made its first move.

According to Hollywood Reporters, Discovery+ has unveiled an hour-long documentary on the sharp rise of video game retailer GameStop's stock, and the debate about it, hosted and narrated by Jordan Belfort.

According to the outlet:

The working title of the fast-turnaround doc, produced by ITN Productions, is GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack. It "explores the story of how a group of amateur traders played the Wall Street pros at their own game," according to a plot description. "Amidst all the political and pandemic news coverage, the story of GameStop and its skyrocketing stock price hit headlines." It adds that this was the story of "a group of young, risk-embracing day traders who were using social media to organize a massive stock buy-up."

According to Discovery plus the documentary is an effort to simplify the whole event and Jordan will track the timeline of what happened in layman’s terms, and why we all need to pay attention." The project also promises to "feature insider accounts from those at the center" of what happened.

Belfort has also commmented on his new project saying:

"Now I've found some very creative ways to make money on Wall Street, but I’ve got to say, personally, I love the fact that everyone now has the ability to organize and give the Wall Street players a run for their money, it’s a real David versus Goliath story.

I’m praying that the amateur traders are victorious but one thing I can assure you of, it’s going to be a wild ride every step of the way!"

Watch our video for more on GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack, Have a look.

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