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Johnny Depp is creating NFTs of his intimate paintings!!!

NFTs or rather Non-fungible Tokens are becoming more widely accepted and even celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon. The recent celeb who has bought into the opportunity is Johnny Depp who is selling over 10,000 NFTs from his paintings of friends and personal heros.

The portraits take the original artwork created by Depp and are embellished and animated to create the NFTs which are a one-of a kind verifiable digital asset traded using blockchain. The collection will be called “Never Fear Truth”. 25% of the sales proceeds will go to charities.

In a statement, Depp said;

“I’ve always used art to express my feelings and to reflect on those who matter most to me, like my family, friends and people I admire. My paintings surround my life, but I kept them to myself and limited myself. No one should ever limit themselves.”
“We decided to release a series of portraits, but in a way that could also give something back. Having the opportunity to salute my supporters and support the charities that have been so important to my family is an incredible gift. I hope we can create a new community of friends around these NFTs. My involvement in the NFT space has just begun.”

The NFTs can be bought on and applications start on Wednesday. Rarible will allow secondary sales.

Watchout people, NFTs will soon become the big thing and for those lucky enough to get the NFTs directly from his team may be able to make some money on the secondary market.

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