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John Travolta And Princess Diana's Iconic Dance Was Her Wish And Nancy Reagan Set Them Up

The opportunity John Travolta once received is rare and we are not talking about some movie project but a fairytale or atleast that is how the saturday dance fever star describes it.

It is one of the iconic moment when Diana and Travolta twirled around the dance floor at a 1985 White House state dinner hosted by then-President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan.

But who took the lead, who initiated it and how was the whole experience, after almost 36 years John Travolta is opening up about how he felt matching his feet with the peoples princess.

The actor, 67, relived the moment during an interview for Esquire Mexico, admitting that he hadn't prepared to dance with the Princess of Wales.

"I didn't think they'd ask me to dance with her. I had the great privilege and honor of doing so, and I thought, 'There must be a reason for doing this and I better give it my all,' " he revealed.

"That meant lead the dance well and make sure we had fun. That was the easy part, but just the fact of greeting Diana appropriately, being confident and asking her to dance was a complicated task."

Travolta said that the experience felt like a "fairytale" that he would continue to remember for decades to come.

"Think of the setting. We were at the White House. It's midnight. The stage is like a dream. I approach her, touch her elbow, invite her to dance," he said. "She spins around and gives me that captivating smile, just a little sad, and accepts my invitation. And there we were, dancing together as if it were a fairytale."

He added, "Who could ever imagine something like that would happen to them someday? I was smart enough to stamp it in my memory as a very special, magical moment."

The Saturday Night Fever star revealed previously that it was Nancy Reagan that told him Princess Diana wished to dance with him during an interview with Dutch television station Één.

"She said, 'It is her wish,' " the actor recalled. "At midnight, I had to tap her on her shoulder, and I had to say, 'Would you care to dance?' She turned around and dipped her head in that Lady Diana way, and we were off for 15 minutes dancing."

"I'll never forget it," he continued. "I'm so honored that I was able to experience this, and I know for a fact that it was her highlight of being in the United States; it was her favorite moment. So I feel I made her life better, she made my life better, and I'm very sorry that she's not here."

Well, it seems the iconic moment of the two dancing together is special to Travolta and close to his heart, We would have wondered if it was not.


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